Online Personal Training

September 26, 2016

Not everyone needs to have a Personal Trainer with them to be motivated all the time or they may just not be able to afford one, which is where the online personal training package comes in useful.

It provides the same level of attention with regards to tailoring a programme for you, but it does so without me being present during your actual workouts. A weekly check-in allows us to work together to ensure that the online personal training programme remains suitable and that you are progressing effectively to achieve your goals.

Ideal if you want to follow a tailored exercise programme but cannot commit to meeting regularly, have your own Gym and just need occasional motivation and guidance along the way

Coach Red

If you run into any issues during your online training with technique or progressing etc I am on hand to provide the advice you need and can even review videos of you to provide any necessary feedback to help you improve further.

In this way, you can work out when and wherever you want, knowing that the same level of support is available should you need it.