Single personal training sessions

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Standalone Personal fitness assessment (included in all coaching packages)

As part of the initial consultation we use this to set a baseline to monitor your progress. Within the bundles it is used as a follow up to assess your fitness progress.

During the initial consultation we gather some information about your body, but this takes it a step further and assesses your muscular strength and/or endurance fitness levels, your cardiorespiratory fitness and your flexibility. I then measure your level of body fat percentage using scales but can then additionally take various body measurements to monitor progress in specific areas.

This is to ensure that your progress can be appropriately monitored from a baseline and ensure that your programme is suitable for yourself and your goals.

Cost: £20

Online training | Coach RED Wellness
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A single one to one session
  • Ideal if you want continue for a little bit longer
  • Follow your programme provide guidance to ensure you have the correct posture and technique
  • Provide motivation throughout your session to help you meet your goals
  • Advise on suitable progressions and alternative exercises

Cost: £35