Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

In addition to being qualified advisor for Nutrition for Weight Management, I am now qualified as an advisor in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise.

If you undertake regular physical exercise and want to better understand how to optimise your nutrition before, during and after exercise sessions (gym, bootcamps, running and sports etc), then feel free to make contact and let me see how I can help you make the best of your required energy intake to optimise your efficiency.

Your required energy depends on several things such as your weight, how active your occupation is and what exercise you regularly undertake, however, that is only part of the story and you can make changes to your diet to facilitate more efficient energy intake and thus optimise the energy you have available for your chosen activity, but also how to sustain your energy throughout and for recovery at the end.

There is not a one solution fits all answer to this, so a detailed break down of your physical activity and current diet needs to be gathered such that it can be analysed along with an understanding of how you feel your energy levels are before, during and after your activities.

I look forward to hearing from you and being able to help you more forward.

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