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Making your wellness dreams a reality

I come from a background in the IT industry which worked in since I left university many years ago. Back in 2013, I decided to relocate to Hertfordshire and that I needed to lose weight and re-invigorate my life. I embarked on a regime that enabled me to lose 3 stone and take part in my first ever OCR in early 2014, Tough Mudder London West, which I did to raise money for Help for Heroes. My life changed for the better.

Over the next few years, I continued to take part in various obstacle races and attended a training facility that was specifically designed to help people improve their OCR techniques whilst also having a lot of fun at the same time. One of the PT’s there (Marc) was a huge inspiration for me and gave me the desire that I now have which is to inspire and motivate others in what they want do do – their Dream.

A couple of years on and I relocated to Bedfordshire. At the same time I took an opportunity to be able to change my career to that of a Personal Trainer, such that I am now able to help anyone who has even the smallest desire to make a change to their life, whether it is for their nutrition, fitness levels or mental wellbeing. I am now in a position to be there to support and motivate people along their journey, in the same way that others have done for me, my partner being a major contributor to mine.

My wish is therefore to bring a healthy wellness to everyone; everyone has their own challenges and circumstances that go towards making them unique and who they are, I don’t want to change who you are, rather I want to help you change how you get to where you want to be. From wanting to be able to get out of bed and climb stairs without feeling like you’ve climbed a mountain, to being able to lift a new personal best at the gym.

I have a vision to Respect Every Dream that we each have and provide a way to make them become a reality.

– Coach Red

My Accreditations

Future Fit Qualified | Coach RED Wellness
CIMSPA Practitioner | Coach RED Wellness
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