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I'm Coach Red, a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast based out of Langford, Bedfordshire, and I'm here to help you meet all of your health and fitness goals. My training programmes will enable you to lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle tone, improve your overall health and appearance and much, much more. You will be completely revitalised with a refreshed desire to do more!

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An individually tailored exercise programme, based on your fitness level and your own individual goals and needs, that is designed to ensure that you remain committed and motivated throughout. With me by your side, experience maximum motivation, full support and guidance, along with variety through new and exciting challenges, all of which is designed to ensure that not only do you have fun, but you also see continual improvements and progress towards your goals.

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I will help you identify your short and long term goals and how to enable you to achieve them. I won't just show you how to perform exercises; I'll also educate you in the different areas of strength and endurance training, cardiovascular fitness, healthy eating habits and recommended nutrition.

What people are saying

Coach Red has been amazing. With my hectic work and home life, he’s worked with me to make sure I can meet my goals regardless of how often my schedule gets changed. For the first time, getting fit and slimming down feels achievable!


HR Manager

Full of advice and kind words, keeping me fully motivated throughout and on track with my desire to get active. Initially, I was unable to walk more than 100 feet without having to take a break, I can now walk into town and enjoy my new freedom.



I really enjoy my workouts with Coach RED by my side. He provides the inspiration and motivation that keeps me going even when I feel that I cannot do any more, he knows and understands my limits.


University Student

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